‘Killjoy’ Lives at NTAC

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By Jill Fales | NB Indy


“Killjoy,” a comedy that pokes fun at marriage, divorce and family relationships, opens this weekend at the Newport Theater Arts Center to run through Dec. 12.

The show has been described as an “unpredictable, hilarious romantic comedy/thriller with witty dialogue and fascinating characters.”

“Killyjoy” was written by Jerry Mayer and was first produced in 1993 at the Santa Monica Playhouse. The story takes place in the present in the living room of a townhouse in a nice neighborhood in Chicago.

Carol and Victor have been divorced for a year. Victor and his new wife, Claudia, are ready to try every trick in the book to end Carol’s alimony. Victor is blackmailing his attorney, Rick, to woo and marry Carol in order to relive Victor of his alimony obligations. Carol becomes obsessed with “getting” Victor when Victor’s future business plans involve Claudia, and exclude his children who currently work in the family business.

Mark Kauffman, who plays the role of Rick, explains that his character is “motivated by his own dealings with Victor, and encourages Carol to follow her instincts. I don’t want to give it away except to say that there are some fun twists along the way and Rick is very much a part of how things unfold.

Kauffman adds that Rick is “a great character and I am really quite honored that Gigi (director Gigi Fusco Meese) cast me. She is a very talented and creative leader and I do my best to absorb everything she has to share.”

Director Meese returns to the Newport Theater Arts Center where she has also directed “A Few Good Men,” “The Caine Mutiny Court Martial,” “Goodnight Mrs. Puffin” and “The Sunshine Boys.”

NTAC happens to be the real life setting where part of Meese’s own love story played out.

“My husband, Richard Meese, played the role of Rick in ‘Killjoy’ at NATC in 1994 when we were dating. I went to see him in it a few times.”

“NATC is like home to me”, says Meese. “I love working with my hero, Rae Cohen (president of the NTAC). She and her husband, Stan, have put their heart and soul into this community theater for the better part of 30 years, and I have great admiration for them both.”

With endless opportunities to see professional theater and Broadway touring shows at the nearby Performing Arts Center and South Coast Repertory, we often forget about the fabulous productions happening on stage right here in Newport Beach. NTAC gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy theater in an intimate setting at an affordable price, including free parking and punch and cookies for donation only.

Meese believes, “If we give the audiences a break from their world if only for a couple of hours with some laughs, then I feel it’s a job well done.”

Tickets for “Killjoy” are $15. For tickets and showtimes, visit www.ntaconline.com or call 949-631-0288.



/thriller with witty dialogue and fascinating



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