A Newport Writer in Spain

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Writer Norm Bour in Spain

Newport Beach Independent writer Norm Bour, who has written for the Indy since 2013, traded the comforts of Newport Beach for the exotic locale of Spain when he moved to Europe earlier this year as part of a worldwide adventure to explore new cultures. As a Baby Boomer, he is learning from Millennials on how to “Travel Younger.” This is his first report from Spain.

Leaving beautiful Newport Beach was made a bit easier by the torrential rain that impaired the moving process from here to my new home in Valencia, Spain.

The process, about five months in the planning, took the “downsizing” concept to the max as everything in my house was sold—unless it fit into a 28-inch suitcase.

The “purge,” as I called it, was emotional but left a feeling of freedom as books, CDs, pictures, clothing, furniture and even cars were shed to lighten the load to undertake a worldwide quest for adventure.

Millennials do this all the time and have become masterful “digital nomads,” thanks to ease of access via the Internet. Anyone that can work remotely, does so. Whether you are at Starbucks in Fashion Island or in my condo in Spain, it makes no difference. Early morning here is the middle of the night in Newport, so my morning is open to exploring before phone calls and emails start.

Yes, the Millennials have it down, but what about us Baby Boomers? Some lived the vagabond life in our youth (which I never did), but when we hit 60 we wonder if it’s too late.

To that I say, “NO!”

Our time in Spain is just for six weeks as my girlfriend and I (another Boomer), decided to see what the rest of the world offered. Our quest had a few primary motives.

We continue to seek that ideal Mediterranean climate, looking for that sweet 50 degrees temp range. That means northern climates in summer, the more temperate ones in winter. The spring weather in Valencia, about 220 miles south of Barcelona, is very Newport Beach-like. Nighttime temps in the mid 40’s, daytime about 60 degrees.

Adjustment to Central European time has settled in, and now the question is, “How do you deal with the language barrier and uncertainty?”

That’s one aspect of international travel I am still learning to deal with.

Meanwhile, dollar beers and $2.50 glasses of wine, plus cappuccinos and a pastry for less than $3, make this journey imminently affordable. And best of all, I truly can work anywhere.

Contact Norm Bour at [email protected].

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