Bending the Truth on Measure Y

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Ed Selich submitted a commentary that is misleading in the extreme about Measure Y (see the NB Indy issue of Oct. 17).

As one of the architects of Measure Y, he is clearly invested in its success. However, in his commentary, he bends the truth to nearly breaking.

Mr. Selich claims that if Measure Y fails, a hotel in Newport Coast will “most assuredly” be built. While it is true that The Irvine Company has the right to build more hotel rooms in Newport Coast (which would be removed from the General Plan if Measure Y passes), he conveniently ignores the fact that for The Irvine Company to build that additional hotel, they would have to tear down the Pelican Hill Resort and start all over, because that is the only land with more entitled hotel rooms. Not likely to occur.

If the hotel was never likely to be built in the first place, aren’t we being tricked into approving another nine percent of development in the Fashion Island area on behalf of the Irvine Company? It certainly seems that way to me.

And saying that the ballot statement isn’t deceptive in its total lack of information about the huge new developments being approved because “it is the same as used in 2006” only means that we were successfully duped in that election, not that it is an ethical way to present this election.

Mr. Selich says that the 100,000 square feet of additional development by the airport won’t add traffic because it is an elder care facility and “elderly congregate care residents do not drive.” What? Of course they drive, and so do the family members that come to visit them.

Finally, the statement that “It is virtually impossible for the average voter to understand Measure Y” unless they research it as he has done is just plain demeaning. It is this paternalistic attitude that permeates our current City Council and leads them to take actions that are contrary to their constituent’s wishes.

Every poll taken by the city leading up to this election indicated that citizens overwhelmingly oppose more traffic. Instead of respecting that, Mr. Selich and the Council used that information to create a duplicitous ballot statement that does not mention a single word about the additional development being approved by Measure Y, but instead promised to improve traffic.

Newport Beach should vote No on Measure Y if only to communicate to our City Council that we do not appreciate the total lack of transparency around what this election actually does: approve massive new development in the Fashion Island and airport area.


Susan Skinner

Newport Beach


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  1. I came to the same conclusion. It is already difficult to vote for such a poorly-worded proposition, where even a modicum of analysis reveals deep holes in the arguments being made. Worse still, the no side’s arguments are just as bad. Shame on both sides for not presenting arguments that can withstand analysis. The level of debate on this issue is very shallow. Is yes the right answer? Is no? To me, voting “no” at least sends a message that propositions have to be better crafted if they are to pass.

  2. They are all bought and paid for by big business! Of course they lie. Try to get someone REAL from the community on the ballot. It’s impossible! You have to have sponsors with deep pockets and a hole group of backers ( more deep pockets)to even get a chance to be on the ballot! You MUST have financial backing in the thousandths ( requirement from OTHERS). So, you and I can NEVER actually be elected to represent our communities! What a joke our governments have become! It so hard to get on a ballot, all most half the people on the ballot run unopposed ( so says Bill Maher You have to be in the “Club” to run! I know, I tried and I am retired with plenty of time but not enough money! Funny, these jobs don’t pay well yet The President makes as little as a supervisor of a small company…. so why does everyone want public jobs? Seems someone with great aptitude would get a job that pays more !