Busy Board OKs Police Pact

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The school board had a full agenda for their first meeting back after the summer break, with more than 40 items to discuss on Tuesday.

One of the many other items on Tuesday night’s Newport-Mesa Unified School District board of education agenda was the agreement with the city of Newport Beach for a school resource officer program for the upcoming school year.

The agreement is not exceed $169,761, plus additional supplemental services as deemed necessary by the district.

The city will provide two full-time sworn peace officers with the Newport Beach Police Department to function as school resource officers.

The district will pay 50 percent of the total compensation paid to the two officers by the city.

The school district has worked with the city since 2000 to “provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students and to encourage a positive learning experience,” the staff report on the item states.

Also included among the many agenda items on Tuesday night, were several ratifications regarding the Corona del Mar middle and high school project.

The board approved changes to the agreement with The Gas Company for a meter and regulation crew to rebuild a gas meter set resize a meter and increase delivery pressure to 5PSIG in response to an increased load brought about by the addition of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment at the CdM high school weight room.

The total budget is not to exceed $3,064.95

The existing campus gas meter was too small and did not provide enough flow pressure for the new and more efficient HVAC equipment.

“The size of the existing meter was too small to provide sufficient gas flow over the longer distance from the meter to the new HVAC equipment located at the rear of the campus,” the staff report read. “The deputy superintendent authorized the work to proceed in order to keep the project on schedule over the summer.”

They also ratified an agreement amendment with LPA Inc. for additional architectural/engineering services at the high school, not to exceed $18,200 plus reimbursables, allowed per the contract.

The district has contracted with LPA Inc. for the architectural and design services for the performing arts theater and weight room facility at the school.

The district has asked LPA to “provide modifications to existing documents to reflect the changes selected from the Value Engineering list of items for the theater construction,” and for the weight room, “provide structural design recommendations to ensure the structural integrity of the ledger bolts and provide documentation as required to Department of State Architect for review and approval,” according to the staff report.

The total contract value to date is $1,415,745.

The board also ratified the agreement with Koury Engineering & Testing, Inc., to perform geotechnical services, material testing and inspection for the north parking lot project at the high school.

The contract is not to exceed $9,562, plus reimbursables, allowed per the contract.

The DSA requires the district to have “professional geotechnical, testing and inspection laboratory perform on site testing to verify proper soil compaction, proper use of construction materials and all materials used during the course of construction.”

The district received four proposals for the services and Koury has been selected based on experience, responsiveness and competitive pricing, as well as other factors.

Also concerning the north parking lot, the board ratified the agreement with CAL-Storm Compliance to conduct qualified storm water pollution prevention plan consulting services, for a total not to exceed $3,240.

A qualified storm water pollution practitioner (QSP) will oversee and monitor the plan during construction until completion and the site has been stabilized. The QSP will conduct weekly, quarterly and annual site inspections, monitor weather conditions, conduct pre and post rain inspections, conduct rain event sampling and prepare all reports required by the GCP and maintain records.

The board ratified two of the deputy superintendent’s awards for bids. One went to United Paving for their $458,500 bid for the high school’s north parking lot improvement project, the other to KPRS Construction for their bid of $13,044,000 for the middle school’s enclave project.

The district received two bids for parking lot project and five for the enclave. Facilities, purchasing, and McCarthy Companies staff evaluated the bids and determined the lowest, responsible bidder. The board authorized the deputy superintendent to issue a notice to proceed on both projects.

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