Calling All Anglers

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While some of the previous days have reminded us that “June Gloom” is not just a slogan, some of our days had sunshine.

We received a call from the Isthmus at Catalina two Saturdays ago and the weather couldn’t have been better. The water was warming up and the Bass were biting.

Locally the water temperature in Newport Harbor has been above 70 degrees for more than two weeks. Tuesday I checked a fishing site on the internet and four miles west of Dana Point the ocean temperature was above 70 degrees. While that day the bite was slow, previously White Sea Bass and a few Yellowtail were landed. It could be just a matter of weeks if the sea temps hold that the Dorado and Wahoo are on the way to our waters.

Monday a charter boat out of Huntington Harbor that specialized in Mako shark fishing landed a whopping 1300 pound plus Mako shark. Whooaaa Baby! This fish could be a world record right here in local waters. The fishermen stated they were 15 miles west of their harbor.

I would have to go back to the mid-eighties to recall this warm of water with this much action this early in the season. It was around this time my sister Diane caught an Albacore in April with her husband Ken and was awarded the first Albacore flag of the season out of the Balboa Angling Club.

Speaking of the Angling Club, as you read this the club is having their YSH Tournament. The fee for members to participate is $25.00 and non-members the fee is $30.00. The Y is for Yellowtail, the S is for White Sea Bass, and the H is for Halibut. Eight o’clock tonight starts the tournament. Fish need to be caught before Sunday at noon.

Yellowtail must be a minimum of twenty-four inches, White Sea Bass must be at least twenty-eight inches and Halibut must be at least twenty-four inches to be legal. Rumor has it that the Fish and Game are around and checking fishermen, and the hefty fines are not worth the risk.

Condolences are in order for the family of Walter Gibson. Walter and father Walter, Sr. were two of the best sport fishermen Newport Harbor have ever had. Both skippers were of the rare breed to have not only landed Swordfish on rod and reel, but were the only ones I have ever known to have captained and caught Swordfish solo. That’s amazing!

Most fishermen will never land a Swordfish on rod and reel in their lifetime even with the best fishing boat, captain and deck hand. Walter’s absence will truly be missed.

Tight Lines!

Skipper Steve


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