What Child Is This?

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“For unto us a child is born to us, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder:  And His Name shall be called: Wonderful Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”  Isaiah 9:6


It was the middle of the night, and all I heard was a single word: “Who?”

It was pitch black outside and I was only half sleeping, so I wondered if I really heard it.


There it was again.

At least, that was what I thought I heard, but I couldn’t be sure.  Did I hear it, or was I dreaming?

But then I heard it a third time.

I wasn’t sure if it was “Who?” as in an audible question, or ‘Whoo’ the sound of an owl.   Perhaps there was an owl outside my window on the dark December night.

We had enjoyed a night of fun with our four young grandchildren, even though some of them had colds.   We volunteered to keep them overnight so their parents could get a full night’s sleep.  Eight-month old Declan tried to smile, despite the fact that he was clearly uncomfortable.  He just wanted to be held, and I was happy to comply.

Long after my husband, Jon, successfully finished the bedtime routine and the older three children were down for the night, it was clear that Declan was tired, but could only breathe well, and therefore sleep comfortably, on my shoulder.  So Declan and I were a little team that night, I slept on and off in half reclining places around the house while he sweetly nestled on my chest.

While on the living room couch, I looked around at my partially decorated house and thought about this column coming out the day before Christmas.  I asked God what He wanted me to write about.  All I heard was Declan’s breathing, until about an hour later when I heard, “Who”.

I had asked God a question and felt the answer in my soul.  It seemed like His answer was a question to me beginning with “Who?” but the third time I heard it, it continued to: “Who do you say I am?”

That question reminded me of an old favorite song called: “Who Do You Say I Am?”  The refrain of the song was: “You are the Lord, You are the Christ, You are the Holy Messiah, that was Promised to us from days of old; You are the Lord, You are the Christ, You are the Holy Messiah, and it’s You alone that we adore.”

The song was about “Who” God is, and I realized God was asking me, was He the focus of my Christmas and, more importantly, was He the focal point of my life?

I looked at the precious sleeping baby cuddled close to me, and realized that Declan reflected the comfort I feel when I hold close to God.  I answered the question: “Peace, God you are PEACE to me.”

Later Declan needed a bottle, and we relocated to a reclining chair in our family room.  There is a little pillow on the chair with the words, “HOPE” on it.   I smiled and said, “God, you are HOPE to me.”  Everyday I drink in God’s hope and it flows through me, strengthening me.  Declan looked up briefly and smiled at me.

I soon saw a hint of early morning light spreading throughout the sky.  Another day was dawning, just as it does every day.  I nodded my head while looking out the window and said, “God, You are FAITHFULNESS to me.”

Later when everybody else was awake and we had a group cuddle, I thought about all the love God gives, within me and all around me.

“God, You are LOVE.” I said.

After our French toast breakfast, we sang Christmas carols, beginning with: “Joy to the World, the Lord Is Come.”  I looked around the table and thought to myself:  “God, You truly are JOY to me.”

As I focused more on “Who” God is, it felt like the light on a dimmer switch getting turned up to shine its brightest, illuminating the fact that unless I remember the “Who” in Christmas, the “what” of it all will never be deeply satisfying.  It may feel like a mild case of homesickness, even if I am home.

The good news is that God offers to fill us all with Himself; with PEACE, HOPE, FAITHFULNESS, LOVE and JOY and more.

Infinitely more.    T

he words: “Emmanuel, God with us”, are not just part of a pretty song, they echo a powerful truth.

The baby born in Bethlehem so long ago longs to be our Mighty God today.

Come, let us adore Him.


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