A Short Christmas Story – very short:

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So this is Christmas,

And, what have you done,

Another year Oover,

And a new one begun

I think about “what have I done?” No other pop song makes me think about the philosophy of Christmas Season and the religious implications.  I should listen to this song more. Like on Valentines Day and Thanksgiving. Possibly a few other days.

Merry, Merry Christmas

And, a happy New Year,

Let’s hope It’s a good one,

With love and no fear

That is my wish for all those I know and all those I have failed to know.

August Lightfoot


(Re: “If You Can Read This, Help Someone Who Can’t,” NBI, 12/17:)

We often take for granted the most basic things in life. Being able to read and write and simply get along in society are basic rights. Kudos to Newport/Mesa ProLiteracy for filling a void that many blindly ignore.

Panchita Jones

(comment from www.newportbeachindy.com)


(Re: “Council to China Palace: No Soup for You,” NBI, 12/3:)

Hey Jack, have you ever considered that the residents are getting tired of all the drunks and disrespectful partiers that trash Newport Beach and wake residents at 2-3 a.m.? The last thing this area needs is a another bar or nightclub!

Why does a Chinese restaurant need to stay open til 2 a.m.? Sounds like a nightclub with ALL the related problems of excessive noise, excessive alcohol, excessive drunks, excessive property damage, and excessive needs for police services.

What the “business-friendly” Republicans need to do is create destinations/anchors that attract business so that these RESTAURANTS can stay in business as RESTAURANTS that do not need to morph into bars/nightclubs.

Hopefully, the City Council won’t screw-up the Lido Village opportunity to create a landmark destination like a world-class hotel that will support the area’s retail and restaurants. The Four Seasons would be nice!

Newport Resident

(comment from www.newportbeachindy.com)


Jack, are you serious? The City Council got it right. We don’t need more nightclubs or bars in Newport. If this restaurant has done so well for 30 years as a restaurant then why do they now need to become a nightclub? Can you really say we need more nightclubs in Newport ?

This is about the money and not about improving the quality of life in Newport.

Newport Resident

(comment from www.newportbeachindy.com)


I agree with Jack. I have been going there since I was little and I have been there atfer their renovation. It still has the same food and looks like a normal restaurant with a bigger bar.

I heard that it had held a few parties but it’s not like the restaurant is holding parties every night. I don’t think that it is going to turn in to a nightclub. It is just a restaurant that is trying to survive in tough time.

Newport Resident

(comment from www.newportbeachindy.com)


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