Circle 1000 Raises $1M for Hoag Cancer Institute

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2011 Circle 1000 Founder’s Committee.
Jennifer Segerstrom and Heather Madden.
Ginny Ueberroth and her daughter Vicki Booth.

Photos by Ann Chatillon

The Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa was the recent setting for Circle 1000’s annual fundraising brunch recognizing its many donors, and raising more than $1 million during the event in support for Hoag Cancer Institute.

The brunch was lead by Founders’ Committee chair Pame Schmider and her capable volunteer team and featured keynote speaker, author, columnist and cancer survivor Kelly Corrigan.  Corrigan gave a compelling presentation, speaking frankly yet with humor about her fight with cancer and that of her beloved Irish-American father.

Circle 1000 was founded by Sandy Sewell in 1987 during the $23 million Patty and George Hoag Cancer Center capital campaign. The association invites community members to make an annual gift in support of cancer services without a corresponding obligation to join a committee or attend meetings or events. To date, Circle 1000 has raised over $10.4 million towards the Hoag Cancer Institute.

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Tom Larkin, Tom Linden and Bill Booth.
Beth Knapp and Heather Gaughan.



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