City Finds Dock Group Threat ‘Unfounded’

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The city sent out an announcement Wednesday challenging the threat of a restraining order issued by two dock owners’ groups earlier this month.

Newport Beach city spokeswoman Tara Finnigan called the threat “unfounded” in the statement and said the Newport Beach Dock Owners Association has yet to file a temporary restraining order against the city, as they said they would in an April 11 statement.

“A TRO is only issued if it can be shown there is a likelihood of success the association will prevail on the merits of its underlying claim,” Newport Beach Mayor Keith Curry said. “Here, the city complied with the law in all aspects and we believe it is very unlikely the association would be successful in court.”

The April 11 message from the dock association, as well as the group Stop the Dock Tax, advised residents not to pay the residential dock fees, which were increased in December by the council.

“The city encourages tidelands users to disregard the misinformation circulated by the association. People should pay the rent due,” city attorney Aaron Harp said.

Not paying the fees could result in interest charges and penalties, he added.

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