City Offers Free Sand Bags for Residents

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The city of Newport Beach is providing free sand bags in anticipation of the heavy rain expected this weekend.

“Don’t let the sun shining through the clouds fool you, rain is coming,” city officials wrote on social media on Thursday.

Newport Beach residents (bring proof of residency) can get 10, pre-filled sand bags at 592 Superior Ave., from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Friday.

If more than 10 bags are needed, please check local hardware stores for filled or unfilled sandbags available for purchase. Empty bags may be filled with beach sand, city officials confirmed.

“The city is well-prepared to minimize damage to property in the event of flooding due to high tides or rain,” officials noted on the city’s website.

Crews maintain and operate 86 tidal valves at the end of select streets along the bay. The tidal valves are in place to prohibit rising tide water from entering the street through the storm drain openings. Additionally, crews operate 18 pumps that drain street ends of standing water.

For more information, call Public Works, Municipal Operations Division at (949) 644-3055 or visit

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