City to Newport Beach Residents: Take the Conservation Pledge

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The City of Newport Beach is encouraging residents to take My Water Pledge in April as part of the Wyland Foundation’s 2022 National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation.

My Water Pledge is a friendly competition between cities across the U.S. to see who can be the most “water-wise.” Mayors nationwide are challenging their residents to conserve water, energy and other natural resources on behalf of their cities through informative, easy-to-use online pledges.

The pledge takes less than a minute and you will be automatically entered to win one of many prizes. Last year, the challenge awarded more than $50,000 in prizes to nearly 300 residents in U.S. cities.

Cities with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge will win the “water wise” designation (in several categories based on population size).

The 2022 Challenge runs from April 1 through April 30.

“I am excited to support the 2022 Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation on behalf of the City of Newport Beach,” said Mayor Kevin Muldoon. “The pledge to conserve water promotes the importance of reducing our environmental footprint in Newport Beach and other cities throughout the nation. I encourage all residents to take the pledge and help make Newport Beach the most water-wise city in the nation.”

Saving water helps conserve energy and valuable resources, reduces air pollution – and saves money.

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