‘Cliff Falls’ Reaches Heights

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C.B. Shiepe will be at Martha’s Bookstore on Balboa Island, signing copies of his novel “Cliff Falls” on Sunday June 5 from 11 am -1pm.

This is a signing you will not want to miss. “Cliff Falls” is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged read.

The story centers on Clay Grant, former child star of the hugely successful ’80s TV series “Little Guy Mike.” Clay has been on the run for 15 years in an attempt to escape from his past. A past dominated by being exploited in every way, robbed of a childhood or true sense of self. Clay has tried to put the deep canyon between his public persona and private life behind him. But he will soon learn a journey into the depths of the canyon itself is the only way to properly move forward.

Clay lands in jail after engaging in a fight with a paparazzi who has a personal vendetta against him. An unexpected visitor from his past, Pastor Regan Mitchell, posts his bail. Regan invites Clay to Cliff Falls, a small town in the Santa Cruz Mountains where his church is, and promises him a job and an opportunity to stop running. Uncertain where to turn or who to trust, Clay goes to Cliff Falls, where his personal odyssey unfolds in unexpected ways.

As Clay begins healing, pieces of his authentic self slowly begin to emerge. While in Cliff Falls, there are people that push him forward and those that tug in the opposite direction.

Shiepe’s writing is rich. He weaves in the possibility of a loving God without being overtly religious. Faith is examined as it relates to the goodness of others and ultimately faith in oneself.

The dialogue is natural; leaving space for the reader to feel the hurt, fear, and hope throughout the story. What isn’t said is as important as what is said. Shiepe lifts the characters off the page and into our hearts by allowing us to hear their inner thoughts and feel their emotions.

Descriptions of everything from a fire engulfing a set in a Hollywood backlot to women anxious to close a gift shop in order to watch their soap opera are consistently vivid.

The same storyline in less capable and poetic hands could be cliche. But with Shiepe’s gift of subtlety, and a respect for the reader’s intelligence, the story is beautiful indeed.

To learn more about “Cliff Falls” and C.B. Shiepe’s own incredible journey of perseverance and resiliency, visit www.clifffalls.com.

Books are available for purchase on the website and at Martha’s Bookstore for $14.99. “Cliff Falls” is also available on Kindle and The Nook for $9.99.






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