Coastal Fashion: Juicing for Health and Beauty

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I would consider myself somewhat of an experienced juicer. After trying my first juice cleanse a couple of years ago and loving it for both the health and beauty benefits, I’ve continued to do three day cleanses every other month to help reset my body and balance out my diet.

As someone who loves to eat, I enjoy a variety of flavors. Sometimes flavor is lacking when you’re on a cleanse with six bottles of designated juice flavors every day.

My opinions have changed since trying Pressed Juicery in Fashion Island, which lets you customize your cleanse with over 16 juice blends to choose from, which kept me looking forward to every day of the cleanse.

Each cleanse also comes with chlorophyll and aloe vera water. I really love the chlorophyll water as it gives me an extra boost of energy.

For my latest cleanse, Pressed Juicery invited my Off the Menu dining co-writer, Christopher Trela, to join me on a cleansing journey. It was nice to get a new perspective on juicing from someone like Christopher, who is used to eating a lot and has been skeptical about the juicing process.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience: “I had tasted juices from various juice companies, but was intrigued by Pressed Juicery’s variety of juices and unique blends, so I agreed to try a three day juice cleanse. My experience at the Pressed Juicery in Fashion Island was exceptional, as I thought it was simply a matter of picking up a bag of juices to last three days. To my surprise, the staff at Pressed Juicery spent an hour with me, letting me sample various juice blends to determine the best juices to get me through the three days, and explaining the benefits of each ingredient. By the time I left the store, I felt confident I could survive three days with only juice to sustain me.”

I would have to agree. The staff at this store is very knowledgeable about how each ingredient in the juice contributed to the functionality of your body. I learned how to customize my cleanse to benefit my problem areas whether it was kidney function, hydration, or lowering calorie intake, they knew how to guide me into the perfect cleanse. I enjoyed each day of the cleanse and always looked forward to my next juice since they were all very well balanced in flavor.

Christopher admitted he fell off the juice wagon after two days (which still exceeding my expectations for him!) but he was really surprised by the change it had on his body.

“To my delight, instead of seeking carbs, my body craved nutritious food. I found myself loading up on fruits and vegetables, and poultry. I actually did feel healthier, and when I weighed myself at the gym, realized I had lost four pounds. It’s been several weeks since the juice cleanse, and I’m maintaining my weight (with a goal of losing another six pounds) while eating healthier—although I do sneak the occasional cookie.”

If a cleanse or just plain juice isn’t for you but you still want to get on a healthier tract, a must-try is Pressed Juicery’s Freeze. This perfect summer treat tastes amazing and is good for you at the same time!

Freeze is a vegan, gluten and diary-free soft serve made from juices from fruits and vegetables, almonds and coconuts. They also have a variety of healthy toppings including fresh fruit, nuts and more. My favorite flavor would be the citrus with hints of apple, orange, pineapple, dates and coconut.

Pressed Juicery is located at Fashion Island. To learn more visit or call (855) 658-8527.

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