Easter Books for the Kids

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The Easter Bunny may have all the bases covered when it comes to chocolate and jelly beans, but books always make a nice Easter gift from a human. Here are Paige Turner’s recommendations for last-minute Easter presents for the wee ones on your list:

“The Easter Egg” by Jan Brett. $17.99

In this hardback with gorgeous illustrations, Hoppi the bunny, wants to enter the Easter egg contest this year but can’t come up with a good idea. As he hops through the meadow he sees Flora Bunny planting flowers in her eggs, Buster carve a wooden egg, and Aunt Sassyfrass decorating her chocolate egg with creamy frosting. Just Hoppi is feeling as if he will never have his own idea, he runs into Robin who is very upset. One of her little blue eggs fell out of the nest. Hoppi helps and in doing so, finds a way to make his own important contribution to the Easter egg contest.

“The Story of the Easter Bunny” by Katherine Tegan Illustrated by Sally Anne Canbert $6.99

Before the Easter Bunny became the Easter Bunny, he was just a little pet rabbit owned by round old couple who lived in a snug little house. Each year the man and lady would make candy, decorate eggs and wove baskets to hold the goodies and then distributed them to the village children. Their pet rabbit would watch and learn, then began to help. And eventually when the couple became too old, he took over the job, and began doing all of the work in a hollowed out tree in the woods. A very original twist on the story of the Easter Bunny, with beautiful watercolor illustrations.

“Fancy Nancy’s Elegant Easter” by Jane O’Connor. Illustrated by Robin Preiss-Glasser $6.95

Nancy is planning a very important Easter Party – a gala in fact. In this fun, lift-the-flap book, girls will delight in the fantasy of preparing for a very important party with decorations, balloons, and the best Easter bonnet – complete with colorful eggs and fuzzy chicks. Although this book is only16 pages, little girls can linger over each page’s colorful details.

“The Easter Story” by Patricia Pingry. Illustrated by Mary Ann Utt $3.95

For those looking for a book which tells the true reason we celebrate Easter, this is a very simple book geared towards young children. Only about one sentence per page, it is short and to the point, yet covers all the important information. Who Jesus was and what miracles he performed. There is no crucifixion scene – just Jesus walking up the hill holding a cross, but the issue is not skirted. The author clearly states that Jesus dies, why he died, and then describes that he rose again. Also, how he is still important in our lives.




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