Efforts to Prevent Bridge Jumpers, Jumping Stats

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Newport Beach Harbor Commission discussed steps the city is taking to prevent bridge jumping in the harbor at their Wednesday meeting.

There have been several deterrent methods used by the city recently. In addition to the longtime signage, including posting lifeguard staff near the bridge, a rescue vessel on the nearby beach, and two buoys warning boaters.

Commissioners also mentioned the railing could be improved on the Lido bridge. On the Balboa Island bridge the railing is taller and a little more difficult to climb over.

Staff shared some stats that lifeguards have reported, including 231 code enforcement actions, or “contact made with potential or actual jumpers,” between July 26 and Aug. 7.

They have had to call for police backup twice when some weren’t complying.

Some have noticed an increase in jumpers off the Balboa Island bridge. Also, since lifeguards are not posted 24-hours, some jumpers are going in the early morning or late-night hours.

The efforts come after a jumper injured a woman and caused significant damage when he landed on a passing duffy boat. Cody Green, 27, of Costa Mesa was arrested July 27 and charged with assault and felony vandalism.

A duffy boat passes under the Lido Bridge, a popular spot for people to jump off of into the water, despite it being prohibited.
— Photo courtesy the city of Newport Beach
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