Enseo Room Control Technology Expands into Atria Newport Beach Senior Living

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Enseo room control and energy management system

Enseo, one of the fastest growing technology service providers in the U.S., has expanded into senior living, offering TV entertainment, room control, managed WiFi and a suite of health & safety solutions.

Recently installed in the state-of-the-art Atria Newport Beach senior living community in Newport Beach, Enseo’s room control and energy management system, Fido, allows residents to easily and safely navigate their own environments by controlling the TV, lights, window shades and thermostat from the TV remote.

Atria Newport Beach offers modern senior living with elevated amenities, which now include Enseo’s room control system. With a big-button remote, Enseo allows residents to easily control their apartments, a convenient feature that is also ideal for seniors with limited mobility, impaired vision and compromised dexterity.

The system includes an easy-to-navigate TV interface tailored to the unique needs of seniors and Atria’s branding, with custom on-screen messaging to resident TVs for a cohesive, simple experience. Enseo’s advanced technology complements Atria’s mission to enable seniors to live their best lives now.

Enseo room control and energy management system

“Enseo’s room control system has added significant value by underscoring the luxury and convenience that integrated technology can deliver to senior living,” said Dori Redman, Atria Newport Beach Digital Innovation Director. “We even had a short-term stay resident recuperating from surgery who was thrilled to discover just how much of the apartment could be controlled from the TV and remote!”

“The pandemic has highlighted for operators the importance of communication, entertainment and smart living spaces for seniors, and we have spent 21 years providing these exact services,” said Vanessa Ogle, CEO and Founder of Enseo Holdings. “It is only fitting that we use our wisdom and technology expertise to protect and enable engagement with our most precious resource, our seniors, along with their families, and the heroes who care for them each day. COVID has also taught that temporary resident isolation in any future disease threat can be relieved by allowing new communication options, such as messaging through the TV, while also focusing precious staff time for personal care.”

Taking into consideration unique challenges for seniors, Enseo also provides fall prevention lighting, sensors to avoid costly floods, and thermostat ranges for safe temperature boundaries. Additionally, Enseo’s full product offering also includes entrance safety protocols with contactless front entrance and a touchless temperature scanning kiosk with mask compliance, facial recognition, remote management and reporting.

For more information, please visit https://enseo.com/senior-living and https://atriaseniorliving.com

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