Exhibition Yachts

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Last week was a busy week for our family and I wasn’t able to comment on the Lido Boat Show that the lovely Judy Belle and I attended.

I was pleasantly surprised at the vast amount of yachts in the show and much more importantly, the vast crowd of dockside onlookers. Many times the past few shows the docks were almost vacant at 3 pm on Sundays. Yacht sales have taken quite a beating since 2008 and I sincerely hope this is a sign of improving sales.

On the subject of boat sales, I found an extremely safe and comfortable Expedition yacht made in Southern California. New yacht construction here is quite minimal but for the successful boomer who wants to travel the seven seas it is a sturdy and well-designed steel trawler. It has a 5,000 mile range and all the comforts of a mega yacht.

Builder Tim Alls, after building commercial vessels for the Pacific Northwest, has built hull #1 in the San Diego area. Bill Solt at Ardell Yachts is the local agent for the builder, and your family and friends can see the world!

Sea Ya,

Skipper Steve

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