Flower Power

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Flowers bring forth wonder and beauty to all our senses.

Be it fields of lavender spread across a countryside or orange blossoms gathered in a tree, flowers boldly pronounce the existence of color, textures and fragrances.

These beauty marks of plants are lovely miracles to observe. Rosebuds lifting out from thorny stems whisper a silent harmony. Each petal gradually reveals a velvety surface layered in fractal grace allowing swirls of pinks or reds or yellows a chance to seek the rays of the sun.

There can never be enough flowers, for the world exists to extend their beauty in every nook and cranny possible. Eyes drink in their colors. The courageous dandelion that pokes its head up through a grassy hill poses its sun-drenched yellow petals for every butterfly, bee or person to see. But it’s the night blooming cyrus that saves her beautiful creamy-white petals for nocturnal eyes. The delicate scent is enjoyable for only one night, her elegant radiance to be lost forever with the rising sun.

Flowers refresh the soul with their colors. Colors pounce out from petals in every conceivable shade with bold purples, crackling yellow, hungry reds and juicy blues. Just to watch and feel the force of flowers as they sit wondrously in a vase brings about heartfelt healing.

Dr. Andrew Weil includes them in his optimum way to health, saying, “Flowers manifest beauty and wonder of nature and delight the senses. It feels good to be around them.” So it’s no wonder that flowers hold healing properties not only in their beauty but through other gifts.

Tibetan Buddhists sprinkle and even at times immerse a patient in water where flowers have been soaking. Flower healing goes even farther back to the ancient Egyptians. They believed the spirit or essence of the flower held magical healing powers. While absorbing the fragrances it gave mortals a chance to become perfect as the gods themselves.

And even today flowers are the life breath of anyone suffering from an illness. The simple fragrance of sweet pea flowers drifting through a room allows the spirit to drink up the benefits of nature with a mere whiff. It is the essential oils of flowers that find their way to the body through the breath providing relief such as lavender to distill a headache or bergamot to lift depression.

Then there are the Bach Flower Essences that bring the vibrational healing aspect of a particular flower through a diluted state. These essences target certain characteristics or emotional states and help alleviate the symptoms. A few drops under the tongue or in a bottle of water carry the healing power of flowers into the body, a blossoming into the cells for balance and well-being.

Walnut flower for protection from sudden changes in life to agrimony that brings troubled feelings into inner peace, Bach Flower essences heal the body with nature’s medicinal bounty.

Eat flowers. Some are not edible. But many, like nasturtiums, leave a peppery taste on the tongue or, like gardenias, a delightfully sweet one. Flowers simply taste wonderful. Though the stamen and pistils are to be left aside leaving the petals to enlighten the palate, their life force is meant to infuse with our own. Flowers are rich in nectar and pollen. Roses, especially rose hips, are high in vitamin C and dandelions rich in vitamin A. Best of all these lovely petals contain virtually no calories.

Drink flowers. The soothing effects of chamomile or passion flowers settle the body into a restful state, sleep overcoming the last sip of tea from every cup.

Flowers are vessels of love. They are the joy projecting from plants so procreation can continue its infinite trail of life, the sun and pollen seeding their own confirmation flowers are needed by insects, animals and humans alike.

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