Former Senator Marian Bergeson Endorses Keith Curry

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My choice in the race to be Newport Beach’s next Assemblyman is Keith Curry. He should be your choice also.

Keith has led our city through the recession by reduction of city employees, growing our reserves and generating budget surpluses each year.

With his Council colleagues, he has led with investments such as the Central Library expansion, new parks in every part of the city, the Newport Coast Community Center and our Oasis Center. Our city has never been more financially strong and we are addressing the long term facility needs for the next four generations of Newport Beach residents. With his strong leadership skills, Keith will fight to protect Proposition 13 and prevent a $6 billion tax hike on commercial properties that would increase rents on Marine Ave. and every main street in the state.

He opposes the Governor’s plan for high-speed rail and he will fight for local control over group homes, massage parlors, and fire rings.

His opponents seem to be running against our city, failing to appreciate how our good policies and infrastructure investments have helped increase property values, kept crime relatively low and enhanced the quality of life for all Newport Beach residents.

Keith will make creating jobs for future generations of Californians his top priority, so that we truly can become a “golden state” again.

Join me and fifteen former Newport Beach mayors in supporting Keith Curry for the 74th Assembly District.

Senator Marian Bergeson (ret’d)

Newport Beach

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