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We are all so fortunate living in one of the best areas in the nation, which some of us sometimes take for granted. I am not just talking about the kind people or the great weather or the nice and clean environment, but about the “connect” which is more fundamental for the betterment of life for all of the residents of our community.

There are many forms of “connect” that we may observe in our daily lives. One of the most vital ones is the one between our law enforcement agencies, specifically our Sheriff and Police Departments, and the People. 

This critical connection is being reinforced by various programs including get together meetings that happen in our community. I wish I could see more of these direct connections in some other cities in the nation, since the first step of resolving issues is communication which comes through connecting to one another. The next step is understanding, which to me is the next critical step in our path of transforming data (observed or theoretical) to information and its transformation into knowledge.

We have terabytes of digital knowledge on almost anything (or anyone) in the world, but we lack understanding, which itself is a prelude to wisdom. 

For example, understanding of how tough and risky it is to be a law enforcement agent, endangering one’s life for the safety and well-being of others every day and night. Understanding of why some people behave the way they do and break laws designed to protect them, and attack the very people who are there for their safety. Understanding that we all are connected and anybody’s sadness is ours too, and we need to remedy it as a collective whole. We need a lot of understanding, and I am hopeful that it is going to happen.

I was so impressed to see that in support of the path to understanding, a group of thoughtful and caring ladies recently made a visit to the Newport Beach Police Department and provided homemade lunch as a show of support for our hard working police officers. I witnessed the harmony, consistency and warmth among these ladies and the department. 

This event was led by Therese Loutherback of Spyglass Hill in Corona Del Mar, with the help of other ladies of the community. I am hopeful that we will see more of these vital connections between the communities and their law enforcement agencies in other cities around the country. It is only through understanding that we can resolve social issues and find a common path to our differences.

I salute the People and those who are here to protect and to serve the People.

 K. E. Mehrfar / Newport Beach

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