Full Circle in the New Year

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There a certain things I like to do for the New Year.

For one, and this is going to sound funny, I love taking all the gas receipts out of the center-console of my car. They started gathering there last January, along with spare change, miscellaneous papers, parking slips and other things that have no place in my car.

Once a year I get this mess straightened out. And today’s that day!

Occasionally, I even find something that I’ve been looking for for the past six months.

Secondly, I try and figure out what I’m going to do “next” year to make me, myself, better.

It’s, funny, every year the list is always the same, which means I’m not very good at this resolution stuff.

This year’s list, once again, includes losing a little weight – OK, maybe more than a little – cutting back on the drinking; eating healthier and, for goodness sakes, working out. And don’t forget about ending the procrastination of projects around the house.

My wife reminds me that I’ll “feel so much better about myself.”

Note to self: don’t listen to the wife.

A couple of these resolutions seem to go together pretty easily.

Working out, eating right and losing weight seem to all have a common thread.

But here begins my problems: the treadmill in my garage seems so far away from my living room couch. And there’s no ottoman on the treadmill. Besides, have you ever tried to drink a martini while running on a treadmill? It’s nearly impossible.

So I move on.

I find that when I ride my new bike, that I had to have, my legs get tired, and when my legs get tired they get sore, and when they’re sore, I’m just not happy. I’ll be honest, I just like motor-driven vehicles better.

And so with these both out, that leads me to my sport, my exercise of choice: golf. OK, OK, I get your point about calling golf a sport, but I’m not choosing to listen.

So I head out to play golf, and even though I have a nice new pull-cart, that I had to have, that enables me to walk, I find taking an electric cart is so much easier.

And while we’re speaking of golf and eating right, how could a round of golf be played and fully enjoyed without a hot dog or two at the turn. Add in some relish and a bag of potato chips and I I’ve hit almost all of the food groups.

So much for eating right.

Then I head home to projects around the house, waiting. And I don’t know if you’re like me, but nothing goes better after a round of golf than a nice two-hour nap on the couch.

And, as you can see, I’m back to my initial dilemma: the couch is so far from the treadmill.

So come tomorrow, just like always, I’m stuck with being me.

Happy New Year!

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