Gentlemen Smoker Raises $58K for Scholarships

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At the Balboa Bay Club's Gentlemen Smoker, standing are Danny Thomas, Wally Hickel, Henry Scheilein, Bruce Brainerd and Bert Cutino. Seated are Bill Nassikas, Arlis Parkhurst and John So.

Photos by Christopher Ziebarth

Was that cigar smoke or the sweet smell of a successful fundraising event wafting up from the lawn of the Balboa Bay Club and Resort last week?

OK, trick question.

It was both.

Artist Michael Bryan with one of his works offered in the auction.

The Bay Club’s annual Gentlemen Smoker, brainchild of GM Henry Scheilein, raised upwards of $58,000 for the club’s 1221 Club Foundation, which awards scholarships to Newport-Mesa district seniors on their way to college.  The Smoker and a wine auction during the Newport Beach Wine Festival are its two main fundraising events, supplemented by individual donations from club members and others. Last June, the Foundation awarded $100,000 in scholarships.

Among the Gentlemen enjoying cigars, a gourmet meal by the Club’s Executive Chef Josef Lagader, and aution were Tony Sarducci, Jim, Bob and Dave Robins, Werner Escher, Dave Wooten, Wally Hickel, John So, Dean and Tyke Camaras, Brad Hinman, Chris Gialanella, Tom Wilson and the ever-entertaining Pete Buffa.

Dan Kermit, Mardo, Gregson Hall and Tony Sarducci.


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