Gov Cup Update: Defending Champs SDYC in Semi-Final Trouble

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Nevin Snow and his defending champion San Diego Yacht Club team on Saturday lost the first two races in the Governor’s Cup semi-finals, to Tim Coltman’s Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club team.

Snow, as the leader going into the semis, could choose any of the other three semi-final teams to race against, and chose the RPNYC squad. Coltman’s team had moved up from 7th to 2nd during the quarterfinal races to make the semis.

Meanhile, David Hazard of Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Ashlen Rooklyn of Cruising Yacht Club of Australia have each won one of their races.  The first to win three races will then race the winner of the SDYC-RPNYC series. The loser in each of those matches will face each other to decide the final-four standings.

The teams who finished the quarterfinals in fifth through eighth – Balboa Yacht Club, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and Mission Bay Yacht Club – are also be competing against each other. Ryan Davison of BYC won his first race in the semi-finals against Sam Gilmour of RFBYC. However, Sam won the next race, so they are tied for 5th and 6th place and will race again on Sunday.  Jordan Reece of Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron/Estate Master Sailing Team won two races in a row against Scott Hoffmann of Mission Bay Yacht Club, so they will finish in 7th and 8th places, respectively.

Complete results are available at and on Twitter and Facebook. Spectators watched from the beach as well as on an extensive spectator fleet near the racecourse.  Video from the event including the America’s Cup activities was available on demand at Friday evening.  Video from Saturday and Sunday will be available as well.

– By Nancy Mellon

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