Governor’s Cup and the Flight of the Lasers

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Summer continues and boating, fishing and sailboat racing are at full throttle.

I want to make a correction: Marguerite Valdes added that the Columbia Yacht Corp., producer of thousands of sloops I mentioned in a previous column, had a photo of a man waterskiing behind a Lancer 65-foot which was in production following the Columbia ventures, and their family name is spelled Valdes, not Valdez, as I had is spelled. As soon as I saw that I instantly recognized my error, and I am truly sorry.

A few years ago her older son was a crew member with me racing on a Schock 30/30 owned and skippered by Mike Lombardi. Other brother Vincent is building a 32-foot sloop that is very fast and uses the Columbia name out of Santa Ana.

I crewed on one of the first sloops out of Dana Point Yacht Club on Thursday evenings, which was a blast.

Before I continue with last week’s results of the Governor’s Cup and Flight of the Lasers results, I wanted to put on my old fishing cap and pass along an honorable mention of high schoolers Matt Brennan and Ben Teitscheid are Junior Members of the Balboa Angling Club. These young men have chosen a truly Corinthian manner to introduce boating and fishing to local kids that otherwise would not have this opportunity.

They have chosen to take six girls who were the first to sign up at the Boys and Girls Club on the West side of Costa Mesa, to several events on Newport Harbor. They have toured the Harbor Department, the Balboa Angling Club, and while there, fished from the Club’s dock.

One of the girls caught a stingray. It was very evident that these events were enjoyed by all. Matt and Ben you are to be commended, and they have more events planned.

The next planned Balboa Angling Club event is the Helen Smith Offshore Tournament scheduled for August 1 and 2. A 30-pound maximum line class is noted and Dorado, Albacore, Yellowtail and Tuna are the species being hunted.

The following are the results of the Governor’s Cup and the Flight of the Lasers:


1st Place: Sam Gilmour (Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club-Australia)

2nd Place: Nevin Snow (San Diego Yacht Club)

3rd Place: Christophe Killian, Harrison Vandervort, Jack Martin (Balboa Yacht Club)


1st Place: Brian Cottrell / KHYC

2nd Place: Wills Johnson / NHYC

3rd Place: Phil Thompson

First Girl, Best Costume: Alexis Miller – NHYC

OldestSkipper: Don Stoughton

First Parent/Child Team: Nick and Kate Madigan – NHYC

First Married Couple: Jim and Lindsey Beek – BIYC

Youngest Girl: Siena Okuno – KHYC

Youngest Boy/Bravery in the Face of Danger: Pierce Hemphill and Sebastian Nowland – BYC


Sea Ya,

Skipper Steve


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