Hoag Has Standards

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Now I know why the pro-abortion people are upset at Hoag for deciding not to offer elective abortions. In fact they are asking the State Attorney General to nullify the merger because Hoag no longer wants to kill babies.

The Real Reason the Pro-Aborts are upset

Hoag has cleanliness standards, although Hoag obviously had a lapse in judgment as a Presbyterian Hospital by performing elective abortions in the first place. Hoag performed their elective abortions in their outpatient clinic. That clinic had to meet certain health standards because of its standing as an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC).

 The Butcher of Philadelphia

We saw in the Hermit Gosnell case (aka the Butcher of Philadelphia, now serving time for murdering three babies born alive) that as an abortion clinic, they did not need to meet even the basic health standards required of an ASC that did similar non-abortion procedures. Abortion workers testified that surgical kits were used multiple times without sterilizing between uses. There were reports of women coming home after their abortions with STDs because of infected instruments, amongst other more serious complications.

 TEXAS Again?

Texas was recently in the news for their new abortion law that outlawed abortion after 20 weeks because the baby is viable outside the womb and can feel pain. But the provisions that you probably had not heard about are that the law also requires abortion clinics to meet the same standards as facilities that perform similar non abortion surgical procedures. This effort to force abortion providers to put the mother’s health above profits has met with considerable opposition.

In Orange County according to the Department of Health and Human Services, Planned Parenthood’s (PP) flagship OC facility located on Tustin Ave in Orange has not been inspected since 2003. The only exception is when there are investigations based on the numerous complaints where that specific incident is reviewed.

CALIFORNIA Pushing the Boundaries

Naturally, there is a movement in California to relax standards for abortion clinics. Two bills, AB154 and AB 980, have passed the State Assembly and are progressing through the Senate Committees on a fast track to becoming law.

AB154 will allow non-doctors to perform vacuum surgical abortions if licensed to do so. The vacuum hose (safe abortion) has replaced the coat hanger (unsafe abortion) in the abortion clinic.

AB 980 is a PP sponsored bill that would allow abortion clinics to be constructed similar to primary care facilities rather than the more stringent surgical centers. This of course will put women at risk and save PP some money.

 Where Are The Back Alley Abortions At? Really?

It seems to me that the pro-abortionists would want to protect women’s safety. At least that is what they always say their purpose of offering “safe abortions” is all about.

When PP and the pro-abortion crowd start fighting for reasonable and safe standards in their own abortion mills, then maybe we can take their comments regarding who can decide whether they want to perform abortions against their will seriously.

 Scott Peotter is an Architect and former Planning Commissioner in Newport Beach. Scott can be reached at [email protected].


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  1. Hi Scott:

    Thanks for your wisdom and for standing up for the little ones. The narcissism of pro choice individuals typifies the demise of America.

    America needs a white-hot flame of holy discontent. A war against our children is being waged and all hell has broken loose.

    In the 1600’s Blaise Pascal nailed it when he wrote, “The greatest of evils is civil war”. Seems to that describes abortion, Americans killing Americans!

    Abortion remains the greatest social injustice of all time.

    As you know, every day in America well over 3,000 babies are denied justice and executed with no judge, no jury and no trial.

    And as for those in the California legislature pushing these new death warrant bills, we do not need public servants who cannot tell the difference between serving the public and killing the public.

    A song never sung,
    Dead before they were young.
    Though just a grain of sand,
    You’ve called me to take a stand.
    Invisible I must be,
    People look but just do not see.
    I long to give up the fight,
    But ending abortion is beyond right.
    Innocent blood should not be shed,
    American children waking up dead.
    We will never know how much it cost,
    Millions of children forever lost.
    I close my eyes but still see the sight,
    This is way too sad to write.
    Dylan’s words I wish were not true,
    “It’s all over now, baby blue.”