Imagination Stars on Open-Mike Day

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Life couldn’t have been be better for Sally when last week she not only had what she described “the best field trip” of her life at the Environmental Nature Center (largely due to the fact they got to try to start fire like the Native Americans did), but also, because back in the classroom, she was one of the lucky raffle winners.

When students answer a question in Mrs. Flamson’s 4th grade class, they get a raffle ticket, which makes them eligible to win a prize in the raffle held each Friday at the end of the day.

She won a piece-of-junk plastic microphone. But, for Sally, who has done things with scotch tape that few would have the guts to do, the creative possibilities were limitless.

Over the weekend, the microphone, which retails for about a buck at a party store, was used for interviews. I was interviewed. The dog also was interviewed – but aside from sniffing the microphone didn’t have much to say.

The best interviews centered on the new toothbrush little brother Wyatt got. I could hear the interview taking place in the bathroom down the hall.

Within an hour, Sally’s debut as a microphone-toting broadcast journalist evolved into a full blown talk show called “Big for the People” or BFP.  The bathroom became the dressing room where makeup was being applied, and soon there was cameraman (her sister Janey) and a special guest, (the owner of the new toothbrush).  The next thing I knew they moved two chairs, a rug, and a lamp to create a Johnny Carson-type set in the corner of the dining room.

“We’ll be rolling in about 5 minutes,” I heard Sally say.

Without the kids knowing, I stopped what I was working on, opened a new Word doc, and started transcribing the interview being filmed live, just feet away from me.

“…Today our special guest is so excited and wants to share more about his new toothbrush.”

Sally: And when did you get this toothbrush?

Wyatt: Today.

Sally: And does it have a buzz?

Wyatt: Yes it does.

Sally: Did you bring your new toothbrush with you today?

Wyatt: Actually, yes.

Next, the virtues of the battery-operated “My Way” toothbrush – that comes with stickers for decorating – were extolled.

The interview questions continued: Did you already use your toothbrush today? Can we get a zoom in on your teeth?  What is different about this than your old toothbrush?

There were a fair share of outtakes, the microphone was dropped and now has a crack, much of the video is sideways because of the way the camera was held, and there were some disputes.

In my opinion, the host of the show wore too much makeup.

But, all told, it was an enchanted evening showcasing imagination and restoring my faith that brothers and sisters can indeed play peacefully together.

I am wondering what else is in that raffle. Hopefully Sally’s good luck streak will continue.

Think of what the kids could do with a toilet bowl cleaner or a sponge.




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