Letter to the Editor: Nikki Haley Represents a New Generation of American Leaders

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As a child, I was inspired by John F. Kennedy.  As a young adult, I was privileged to know and to work in the administration of President Ronald Reagan.

Recently we welcomed Ambassador Nikki Haley to Orange County, and I saw once again the potential of an inspirational leader who appeals to the best of America, not our worst impulses.

Haley was a successful governor who created jobs, reduced crime and controlled spending. At the UN she stood up against America’s adversaries and was clear headed in her defense of Freedom and Democracy.

Haley will fix the mess at the border, stop the importation of fentanyl, and keep America safe. She represents a new generation of American leaders and is exactly the type of President we need to bring our nation together.

The world is on fire because our adversaries see one candidate, driven by his ego and tied to the defendants table for the campaign, and the other past his intellectual prime and not up for the challenges facing our nation. We can do better. America deserves better.

Let’s pass the torch to a new generation. Nikki Haley would make a great president.

Keith Curry / Former Mayor, Newport Beach

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