Letter to the Editor: Peotter Insults and Attacks

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How do we know that Scott Peotter is getting desperate in the face of a recall by Newport Beach voters? His “campaign” has resorted to attacks on leading citizens and organizations rather than even attempting to defend his record.

Peotter, through his emails and posts, and his surrogates Marshall Duffield and Team Newport Ring Leader, Bob McCaffrey, have lashed out at community activist Susan Skinner. 

She is called an “obstructionist” because of her efforts to oppose the 25-story Museum House Tower. McCaffrey continues his role as a shill for the high rise development clients of Dave Ellis.  

Duffield, who earlier said he depends on Peotter to tell him how to vote on high rise development proposals, attacked former Councilmember Keith Curry. Duffield simply made up things regarding Curry’s record and role in the recall and has again falsely asserted the cost of a special election to replace Peotter.

Other attacks have been leveled at Mike Toerge, Marilyn Brewer, Nancy Skinner and Jean Watt.  There is simply no defending the high rise development record of Peotter, nor his continued violations of state and local laws.

This list has grown recently to include failure to make proper economic disclosure, failure to have a business license, failure to have a building permit for his overly ambitious, failed mess of a home remodel, and his well-known violations of the Brown Act and campaign finance reporting laws.

Rather than pulling back from charges that he is uncivil in his interactions with the public and shows blatant disrespect for his constituents, the Peotter team is doubling down on the insults and attacks. The public should keep in mind that this is all a strategy to take the public’s mind off Peotter’s true record.

The recall now involves hundreds of residents, and thousands have already signed the petition.  Go to recallscottpeotter.com to learn more and add your name to the petition.


Ray Lewis

Newport Beach

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  1. Ray Lewis, you and your friends have “doubled down on insults and attacks” against Scott Peotter. You show Mr. Peotter absolutely nothing BUT disrespect, and then you have the temerity to snivel when he doesn’t take it laying down?
    Nobody in public office can please everyone. Don’t you even know that?
    Scott Peotter is only one vote. If his ideas are so terrible, the rest of the city council will be able to discern as much, or do you think they are all stupid and you and your disrespectful allies are the only smart ones in Newport Beach?