Letter to the Editor: Scott Peotter Refuses to Tell the Truth

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I support the recall of Scott Peotter because he violated his oath in trying to prevent the people from stopping the Museum House Project and because he violated several state and local laws.

But as I read his statement in response to the recall, a new reason has emerged; his fundamental refusal to tell the truth.

The following are some of the false statements contained in his response:

The recall will waste $500,000 of taxpayer money.

In fact the city clerk has said a special election would cost $300,000. Peotter was a strong advocate for a special election when the Museum House petitions were submitted and had all the documents he demanded for the petitions been included, the cost for that election would have been over $4 million.

Recall supporters are spouting lies and half-truths…check out my website for a direct response.

Two weeks later and there is not a single word on his web site refuting any of the charges. He cannot deny his campaign law violations because they were on his own reports. He bragged in print about his efforts to subvert the rights of the people to petition to stop Museum House.

The recall is just sour grapes by Keith Curry … and his handpicked 2014 candidate Mike Toerge.

This recall was organized by a grassroots citizens committee from across the city including some who have not been supporters of Curry in the past. Curry was running for the Assembly in 2014 and both Curry and Toerge confirm he did not “hand pick” anybody to run against Peotter.

Since my election I have worked to deliver the following: Save the Fire Rings.

The plan adopted was essentially the same one adopted in November 2013 by the prior council.

Stop the Dock Tax.

The Dock fees still exist. Two-thirds of dock owners received a cut averaging $18.00 annually. A few of Peotter’s donors received cuts of several hundred dollars per year.  Audit the Civic Center.

This boondoggle cost more than a special election, was rushed to council before it could be completed and still has not been submitted in final form. It was a waste of money to advanced Peotter’s political career.

Enact the Taxpayer Protection Act.

This is perhaps the most deceitful statement. The Taxpayer Protection Act was introduced by Councilman Curry, Peotter hijacked the issue, put his name on it to make it look like his and now tries to take credit for it. He even formed a campaign committee and used the funds raised to instead support his endorsed candidates in the 2016 election. His one accomplishment is one he stole from his main political rival. How dishonest.

Eliminate the Business License Tax.

This would have created a $3.5 million budget deficit and even the Finance Committee and his Team Newport colleagues found it so irresponsible they defeated it each of the three times Peotter brought it up.

Peotter not only disrespects the law and the rights of residents, he simply can’t tell the truth.

Visit recallscottpeotter.com for more information.

Lynn Swain

On behalf of the committee to recall Scott Peotter

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  1. I wonder if Scott has told the truth to his supporters like Bob Rush, Bob McCaffrey and Duffy about his personal and professional financial disasters?

    More detailed reasons Scott Peotter has to GO.

    Peotter’s financial past brings questions of qualifications

    The fact that Councilman Scott Peotter defaulted on his Ports Streets home and was compelled to move back to Irvine is well known in the community. What is less well known is that after moving back to Irvine, Peotter defaulted on a $13.7 million commercial construction loan and was sued.

    In this case, Peotter executed a Commercial Guaranty on July 20, 2006 for $13.7 million. This was used to refinance a prior loan and to fund construction activity. By 2009, Peotter defaulted on the loan. In court documents, he argued that he did not believe the Guaranty would actually be enforced and therefore he should not be required to pay back the loan. The building was sold at auction for $9 million, leaving the lender with a $5.1 million loss guaranteed by Peotter. In his own court filing, Peotter acknowledged that the amount of the loan far exceeded his own net worth and capacity to repay, yet, he signed it anyway.

    California Bank and Trust sued and in a settlement, our councilmember has been making court ordered financial restitution in the amount of $1,666.67 per month for five years. No wonder he has maneuvered to collect four public paychecks from the city, Sanitation District, TCA, and Vector Control District. Every dollar of taxpayer income goes to fund his restitution requirements.

    This record of poor financial decision-making, and failure to honor his legal obligations is highly relevant to Peotter’s service on the city council where he has taken the lead in promoting policies that could cost the taxpayers millions and result in taxpayer liability for millions more.

    For example, he has proposed refunding debt in a way that would have increased costs by $20 million. He has promoted the sale of the old city hall site that would otherwise be a perpetual revenue generator for our Tidelands needs. He has advocated speculating with millions of taxpayer dollars in the stock market, and he facilitated the appointment of his politically ally to the Finance Committee, a person subsequently convicted of embezzlement. Because of him, the city sewer system operates at a structural deficit. Many of us have made financial mistakes, but with a record like Poetter’s, we cannot allow him to do to the city what he did to his own personal finances. Scott Peotter should be recalled, before it’s too late. Please go to http://www.recallscottpeotter.com for more information.