Letter to the Editor: Support for Scott Peotter

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Scott Peotter works hard for our City fighting to lower costs, eliminate overtaxing and reducing government every day. 

He aggressively took on putting the firewood back on the beaches immediately after we got in office. He did it with more vigor than any councilperson and got it done. Team Newport made a lot of promises and Scott lead the charge on many issues. 

I was easily intimidated by members of the old council, but not Scott. I supported Scott on 99 percent of his motions. Obviously, the old guard disliked what we were doing and fought back with vindictive and mean remarks. It was not fun and I did not look forward to Council meetings knowing whatever we tried we would be ridiculed in public by one or more of the old remaining councilmembers.

Team Newport has done their best to deliver what we promised and Scott was and is a big part of that effort. We inherited a huge debt, therefore we had to revert to limited spending and smarter planning to keep the City running like the citizens expect.

Scott knows Newport Beach.  He raised his children in the Port streets and they all graduated from Corona Del Mar High School. He spent years on the Newport Beach planning commission, donating his valuable time away from his architecture business.  He is the only councilmember who has expertise in building and development. I believe his knowledge in this field is vital for the council to know if a project is good, viable or bad for the City.    

Like so many others, Scott was hit hard during the recession. Unfortunately, he had to sell his property and move to a more affordable neighborhood until he could find his way back to the City he loves. Scott is a very sincere man who speaks his mind. I am proud to be working with him on the Council and I always listen to what he has to offer in an objective way. Don’t always agree, just like I don’t always agree with others on the Council, but that’s not bad, it’s healthy.

 If you want to recall Scott, you may as well recall me too. I’m proud to sit on the council with him and continue fighting for what Team Newport promised. 

 Duffy Duffield

Mayor Pro-tem, Newport Beach



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