Letter to Mrs. Fancher

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The four most glorious words in a child’s vocabulary:


This year, those words were bittersweet for our daughter Sally. It marked the end of our Mrs. Fancher era. Sally learned one of life’s most profound lessons: The gift of moving forward will often be wrapped in a goodbye.

We had Mrs. Fancher for three years in a row. First she was Janey’s second-grade teacher. A year later, little sister Sally stepped into the classroom, ready for her turn. Then, by some stroke of luck or divine intervention, Mrs. Fancher moved up to teach third grade and Sally moved with her.

As a parent I could sing the praises of Mrs. Fancher from all the mountaintops I could find; but it wouldn’t have the impact that Sally’s own words have.

A couple hours after her last day of third grade, I found Sally in deep concentration, typing on the laptop. She was writing Mrs. Fancher an e-mail.

Other than covering for Sally’s apparent aversion to punctuation, shortening it by a few sentences and including spaces between paragraphs, here is Sally’s exact Letter to Mrs. Fancher:

Hi Mrs. Fancher,

It is Sally. I have been crying all morning. I miss you already. Whenever I’m sad I just look in my yearbook and read what you wrote (even though it makes me cry even more). I loved what you said, it means so much to me.

Although when you said keep in touch, I don’t think you meant 2 and a half hours later be emailing you but I couldn’t hold back. You are all my memories of the Pegasus School and always will. I don’t just look at you as a teacher, but a friend that keeps me going and making learning so fun. I have realized that it is over and our years of fun have ended.

I have always been close to your side making sure I never get moved an inch from you but sadly I have to let go and keep moving forward.

I have so many memories of you I can name in a blink. I even remember them down to the first day of second grade when you brought us all a Popsicle and I felt a connection that I will have the rest of my life. When we had an assembly in the theater and you sat down next to me and when you had to go to the bathroom and let me hold your coffee, to when I said my last goodbye and couldn’t not shed a tear. Though I must admit I tried to hide it when you were doing the awards and the poem and thinking that that fun loving you – I had to leave. So I cried a little.

I’ve felt so comfortable with you from day one that my goodbye kept me crying till I left the school. Everything I hated doing you made it fun I don’t know how you made life so magical.

I have so much to say I don’t know where to start. So if you ever might need me I’ll always be here. I don’t actually know what I’m trying to say but I think I just wanted to let you know I’m not ready to say my last good bye and I’ll never be. And I won’t. You and I will never leave each other; we’ll always be right by each other’s side.

I’ll try to come every week and stop by the class. Miss you again


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