Letter to the Editor: A Good Developer is a Good Neighbor

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In my opinion, being a responsible developer also means being a good neighbor to the surrounding communities, along the1.3 mile scenic corridor of Coast Highway known as Mariner’s Mile. This area is surrounded by the neighborhoods of Bayshores, Lido Isle, Newport Heights and Cliff Haven. Mariner’s Mile is on the main street that connects all of these special villages.

To ensure transparency and to build relationships with community members, an open an honest dialogue needs to take place. Developers should start a conversation and strengthen community relations early in the process by integrating themselves into the neighborhood and seeking input from residents and community associations, community leaders, and municipal government officials.

Developers can leave a positive mark on the community. It involves connecting with local people, municipalities, and neighboring businesses to add value to the area.

The newly proposed 2510 PCH Development and its developer are proceeding in a haphazard manner with disarray of apartments, car showroom, requesting height variances that will impact significant views from a public park, as well as, giving less than a seven-day notification to the surrounding neighbors.

Rendering of 2510 PCH Development / Westgroup Designs

It appears that City Staff has grossly been an enabler, as the 2510 PCH plans were not on the City’s website. Eventually the project plans were obtained by a concerned citizen.

The Planning Commission Meeting notification was electronically emailed out Saturday, Jan. 16 at 6:30 a.m. and with Monday being a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, means that concerned citizens have less than 48 hours to repudiate this project, which will be heard this Thursday on January 21, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

With 32 apartments and three low-income for a total of 35 apartments and one expensive car showroom whilst violating priceless public views, what could any responsible resident possibly wish for along this scenic corridor along Mariner’s Mile?

Rendering of 2510 PCH Development / Westgroup Designs

If this is a preview of how this particular developer and City Staff will covertly move forward with the upcoming Newport Village project, we as citizens must continue to be vigilant.

These nonsensical projects will have the potential to alter our neighborhoods forever; it is obvious that we need to be very concerned about the process and further demand transparency from our elected officials.

Peggy V. Palmer / Newport Beach


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