Letter to the Editor: Postpone the Public Hearing for 2510 PCH Project

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Working together, let’s imagine the possibilities to build a coastal city for people to enjoy now and in the future.

What’s the Hurry?

Not withstanding the Pandemic, why are Public Notice requirements not being properly followed prior to the January 21, 2021, Planning Commission Public Hearing for 2510 PCH Project?

Timeline: Limited Public Notice sent out on January 16, 2021. Monday, January 18 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, Wednesday, January 20 is the Presidential Inauguration, Thursday is the Planning Commission hearing. The City Council and the Planning Commission must postpone the public hearing for 2510 PCH Project!

Mariner’s Mile is an indispensable seaside center linking the Peninsula, Lido Island, Lido Marine Village, Mariners Mile, Balboa Island and Corona Del Mar villages and neighborhoods.

Its significance and impact must not be undervalued. The full scope of the Newport Village Development Proposal, including the 2510 PCH Project, must meet community expectations and environmental requirements before approval. Working together, let’s get it right.

The full scope of the Newport Village Project’s land use represents about one-third of Mariner’s Mile and will forever determine the future destiny of Mariner’s Mile. The full size and significance of the Newport Village Development, including the 2510 PCH Project, demands a thorough evaluation and must follow the normal process with all the checks, balances, and safeguards, not be rushed through on a piecemeal basis.

Let’s slow down and do it right by allowing all Stakeholders to provide their perspectives. This will assure that the City’s General Plan vision, goals, and objectives will be achieved and will prevent a long lasting adverse impact.

What is now occurring is clearly unacceptable and inconsistent with the intent of General Plan and the Newport Beach Community’s expectations. Let’s work together to optimize the outcome and maximize the benefits.

Before such significant investments, the City’s stewardship must build a community consensus among stakeholders and a clear vision of what Mariner’s Mile can become to guide the transformation.

For such a substantial and consequential development project, a wide and comprehensive public notice is the first step for developing a community consensus. The General Plan process is intended to facilitate and shape the future of Newport Beach and Mariner’s Mile.

Patrick Gormley, Former President of Bayshores Community Association

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