Letter to the Editor: Candidate’s Lie Misrepresented

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As my friends and neighbors know, I take the job of “citizen” very seriously. I do not merely complain about challenges facing my community and neighborhood; I actively seek solutions, and I am never hesitant to write letters, make calls, or circulate petitions.

So I wrote a letter to the editor of the online local news source disagreeing with the way in which an article about a candidate for city council’s lie to the GOP was presented. The focus of the article was on the events of the arrest of Joe Stapleton, then 20-year-old man, rather than his lie as a candidate for City Council now.

In my letter to the editor, I took issue with that. Period. In the next issues several other people as well wrote letters citing the lie as what should have been discussed, not all the surrounding events of the arrest.

Subsequently, four ex-mayors of Newport Beach wrote a letter to the editor which I deeply resent. That letter appeared in the Newport Beach Independent and other local news sources. In their letter they characterized the letters written about Joe Stapleton’s lie, which would include mine, as “shrill.”

That word is very demeaning, and frankly, too often directed at women whose opinions are to be discredited. They obviously did not want to address the fact their candidate lied, since they, too, only talked about the actions of a young man and mused “….many of us, and we expect many of you, may have been in the same situation.”

No, sirs, I have not, and it is unacceptable that a serious issue of honesty was completely dismissed with this distraction. Further, they said the writers, which would include me, were mudslingers who are surrogates of the Miller campaign.

My original letter was devoid of inflammatory words or attacks. The ex-mayors cannot say the same. My letter was straightforward, reflecting my opinion about the way the event was presented. And I am not a surrogate! I am a retired teacher and high school guidance counselor who wants to be sure the candidate I vote for is trustworthy and will represent me.

Finally, I find it so offensive that these four ex-mayors called the candidate who lied, “one of the most ethical….candidates to run for office in a generation.” I am sure there are many other honorable ex-mayors and councilmembers who take exception with that statement!

Kathy Frazer / Newport Beach

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