Letter to the Editor: City Council Comes Clean and Denies Car Wash

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On behalf of the entire Canyon Mesa community in Big Canyon, we would like to express our gratitude to Mayor Avery, Councilman Muldoon, Councilman Duffy, Councilwoman  Dixon and Councilwoman Brenner for the courageous stance they took at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, in listening to the people and voting No on the proposed General Plan Amendment to allow a car wash to be added to the already over-utilized Shell Station at 1600 Jamboree Road. 


Mr. O’Neill tried his best three different times to intimidate the other members of the Council, by saying there was no basis to deny the application and that it complied with all zoning ordinances and that the applicant’s sound study proved there would be no noise impact from the car wash.


The project doesn’t comply with all city ordinances in that it cannot fit on the property without a reduction of 50 percent in the required setback, which would mean building it 15 feet closer to our properties, which didn’t seem to even register with Mr. O’Neill or our newly elected Councilman in District 5, Mr. Blom.


While I understand Councilman Blom represents both the residents and businesses in his District, he did did not serve the residents of Big Canyon well on his first vote in his district.

Contrary to what Mr. Blom indicated in his comments Tuesday night, this project does not comply with all the City ordinances.  Perhaps over time he will better learn the rules?

I trust that in the future Councilman Blom will be able to review the needs of the residents in his District with a greater perspective.


Gerald A. Giannini, Treasurer, Director
Big Canyon Community Association

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