Letter to the Editor: City Council is Nonpartisan Office

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If the question was asked of Joy Brenner (running for District 6 on the City Council) do you favor Cheerios or Wheaties for breakfast, the answer would be that it has nothing to do with the Newport Beach City Council.

The same can be said if questioned about her political party affiliation. The answer again would have to be that political parties have nothing to do with the Newport Beach City Council. It is a non-partisan office. Those who try to make the City Council race about political parties evidently did not pay attention to high school civics, which describes non-partisan offices at the local level.

Using partisan politics to attack Joy Brenner in a non-partisan election must mean that her opponents have nothing of critical substance to say about her record of decades of outstanding selfless, volunteer community service in many areas of Newport Beach.

I have known Joy for 33 years and worked with her as a volunteer in her earlier years. She is honest, responsible, and dedicated to serving her community. Joy politely listens to input from all sides and objectively makes her decisions. She loves her hometown of Newport Beach where she grew up and is not beholden to doing the bidding of any special interest or political party.

It is the way our Charter City was set up to have the City Council be a non-partisan decision-making local governing body to address only city issues.

Her major supporters are residents who also love their city, which is why you see Joy’s campaign signs and banners on the residents’ private property all over Newport Beach.

This in contrast to her opponent, whose campaign signs can be seen mainly on public property and stapled to telephone poles by paid workers by a public relations firm, and they most likely do not even reside in Newport Beach.

Political parties who send out endorsement slates for local City Council candidates, as well as the candidates themselves who list political party endorsements in their literature, are not abiding by the “non-partisan” rule.

They should remember that the Newport Beach City Council is a non-partisan office, free of partisan politics.

Political parties and their representatives are not to be involved in the Newport Beach City Council race.


Carol Boice / Newport Beach

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