Letter to the Editor: Harley Rouda Gets It

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“Global Warming: How bad can it get?”

Pretty bad, according to the IPCC special report “Global Warming of 1.5°C,” released this month.

Here in our beachfront communities of Newport, Huntington and Laguna Beach, we are represented by Dana Rohrabacher, a Congressman who absolutely denies that global warming is a threat, or is even happening.

It doesn’t take much imagination to look at what hurricanes Harvey, Florence and Michael did and then imagine the consequences for our communities unless we get Congress to take timely action.

Time is running out. Beachfront properties in Florida are today selling at a seven percent discount.

Harley Rouda gets it. He will push for meaningful climate change legislation.

Otherwise, the time will come when the alternative is to sell your house and move inland.


Craig B. Smith

Newport Beach

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