Letter to the Editor: City Should Enforce Laws, Manage Homeless

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I am very hurt by the statements of Miss Jacobs (NB Indy story “Homeless Task Force to Hear Newport-Mesa Services for Homeless Students” on Aug. 16). It seems that they have no care or concern for the people who live and reside in Newport Beach. It’s like they’re throwing their hands up in the air saying “There’s nothing we can do.”

How about enforcing loitering, vagrancy, drug possession charges?

In one of the articles that I’ve read, a husband and wife who reside in Newport Beach were given a ticket for walking at the pier past 10 o’clock. Yet, there are people who are living under the pier! That means that they are at the beach is past 10 o’clock but nothing happens to them. They’re free to do whatever they want. And the citizens have to pay the price.

I’m sure if one of the law-abiding citizens of Newport Beach were to commit such crimes or be found with drugs, we wouldn’t be out and about in the streets within days.

Barbara De Leon-George
Newport Beach

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