Letter to the Editor: Save the Palisades Family

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Breakers Stadium at Palisades Tennis Club in Newport Beach.
— Photo by Lawrence-Sherwin ©

The proximate closure of Palisades Tennis Club on Aug. 31 is a cause for great disappointment and concern. An eviction notice has been filed by Mr. Russ Fluter owner of Cannery Village Realty.

The club has been an important fixture for tennis in Newport Beach since 1975.

It has hosted the Davis Cup, The Adoption Guild Tournament, Pacific Southwest Tournament, many college competitions and is the home of the Orange County Breakers of the World Team Tennis league. Over 40 kids a day participate in the summer program and learn tennis and sportsmanship.

But Palisades is more than the 31 employees and 500 members. It is being greeted by the same friendly faces, making friends and developing lasting relationships — several of us have met our spouses on the court or in the clubhouse. We are more than a club, we are a family.

The dissolution of our family is a tragedy. We are hoping that Mr. Fluter will become the knight in shining armor that rescues Palisades and allows us grow and thrive.

Lawrence and Julie Sherwin
Corona del Mar

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