Letter to the Editor: Concern Over Increased Power Densities That 5G Brings to the Coast

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A cell phone tower at sunset.
— Credit: RightSaidFrodo / Pixabay

Recently, I metered very low radio frequency field radiation (RFFR) of near zero power densities measured in µW/m2 (micro watts per square meter) in Belmont Shores, Cameo Shores, Naples, and Seal Beach within several hundred yards of the ocean.

In essence, these are pristine RFFR areas compared to inland areas where the lowest power densities begin at about 400 µW/m2 and may exceed 10,000 µW/m2 or more near cell phone base stations.

If 5G is added to these areas, you may rest assured that power densities will increase dramatically because Small Cell Antennas contain both 4G and 5G beamformed signals. I have informed the California Coastal Commission of these results and received no response. The starting point for understanding RFFR better is to purchase an RFFR far-field meter to assess your environment.

The top of a cell phone tower.
— Credit: Michael Schwarzenberger / Pixabay

My research and publication experience with RFFR from wireless devices include:

  • “Six Pillar Tips for Health Management” (Author House 2019) Pillar 4. This book began its publication life on the website of the Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Club, where I remain a member.
  • “United States Congressional Research and Legislative Proposals to Educate the American People About the Power Density Safety of Wireless Communications (µW/m2)” (“Indian Journal of Applied Research,” January 2018). This peer-reviewed article provides medical research evidence of 28 symptoms and illnesses associated with RFFR including anxiety, depression, and stress, cancer, damage to DNA strands, damage to sperm, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, etc. all of which support the Bolen Rome Lab Air Force Report reporting adverse health consequences from RFFR published in 1994.
  • Research letters to two presidential cabinet secretaries, one governor, about 45 members of state legislatures, the ACLU, one state attorney general, and two US senators. Each of these letters expressed my concern regarding known links between RFFR emitting devices/antennas and harm to living organisms. Later dated letters have asked for a moratorium on 5G/4G Small Cell Antennas until they are proved safe.
  • Conducting a few home EMF inspections for magnetic (current) and electric fields (voltage), RFFR, and dirty electricity (harmonics of 60 cycle AC electricity).

I urge community residents to gain more information on present power densities in their environment, the relationship of RFFR to human health, the increase of RFFR when 5G/4G is added, and contact with local elected officials on the safety of 5G/4G Small Cell Antennas before they are installed; I have been unable to find public evidence of 5G/4G antenna power densities.

Herman Kelting, Ph. D
Las Vegas (Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Club member)

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