Letter to the Editor: Council Candidates Should Listen to the Community

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As a fiscally responsible 43-year resident and property owner of Newport Beach, I can appreciate Roy Englebrecht’s concern about the fiscal health of Newport Beach.

As a longstanding resident himself, he has the history necessary to make wise decisions that will help keep our city in good financial standing.

Unlike most of the incumbents who do not value the resident’s viewpoints, Roy feels very strongly about the importance of the residents’ role in updating the General Plan.  He also feels that the General Plan that the incumbents keep promising but never deliver, should be the number one priority of the Council.

Roy is involved with the community through the Newport Beach Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission, Orange County Youth Sports and Mariners Church. Most recently he has shown concern for the safety of our children as they live, work and play in areas without sidewalks, fast moving traffic and inadequate night lighting.

As for Roy’s rival in District 4, Kevin Muldoon has shown little interest in the community.  He has only lived in Newport Beach for seven years and has not been involved in any public service or volunteerism, other than his stint on Council.

As one of the four incumbents who tend to vote as a block, Muldoon has been involved in some bad decisions which haunt most of the present Council, particularly the four who make up the majority.  He voted with them on the disastrous Museum House fiasco, the decision to give up the gas tax, to subpoena the Recall documents, and he most likely was part of the group that got rid of the popular City Manager, Dave Kiff.   Recently, it was discovered that Muldoon as Mayor and spokesperson for the Council in 2017 tried to lure Amazon to Irvine at the behest of the Irvine Mayor, adding that, “The City of Newport Beach is pleased to support a collaborative proposal to the City of Irvine to bring Amazon to the area.”

He did all this without ever bringing it to the public’s attention. It would have been a disaster for the residents in terms of unmitigated growth.

Along with Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks, Roy has been endorsed by Line in the Sand. The three candidates are running separately but will work together as a team who will listen to the community and strive to make decisions that are in the best interests of the majority of residents in Newport Beach.


Tim Stephens

Corona Del Mar

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