Letter to the Editor: I Know Where Peotter Stands

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I recently read Joy Brenner’s letter to the editor attempting to rationalize her 43 donations to Democrat candidates and liberal political action committees through ActBlue, a SuperPAC formed to promote Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Federal Elections Commission records show Brenner donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign just a week before Donald Trump’s historic election.

Seventeen of her contributions were earmarked for liberal New Jersey Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker. Sen. Booker’s antics to defeat Judge Brett Kavanaugh are reprehensible.

Brenner also donated to Democrat Hans Keirstead, running against Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

When Brenner had a choice, she supported Democrats.

I will be supporting Republican Councilman Scott Peotter because I know where he stands.


Mike Schroeder

Past Chairman, California Republican Party 1997-1999

Newport Beach

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