Letter to the Editor: Dixon is an Independent Voice

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As former City Council members, Citizens of the Year, and long-time community volunteers and civic leaders, we have often disagreed on issues facing the city. But we all agree on one thing: Newporters need to re-elect Diane Dixon to the City Council.

The reason we all agree that Diane is best for Newport Beach is simple: She listens to all stakeholders, she does her homework, and she tries to fashion solutions that work for the residents and businesses.

Over the past four years, we have all been asked by Diane for our thoughts, advice or suggestions. She has always listened respectfully and made the effort to understand our points of view.

Really, you can’t ask for anything more in a Council member.

With her hard work, dedication to the city and fairness toward all, Diane is an independent voice on the City Council and has earned your vote for re-election. We urge you to vote for Diane Dixon in the 1st District.


Debra Allen

Former chair, Civil Service Commission


Michael Henn

Former mayor and council member


Tony Petros

Former council member


Nancy and Jack Skinner

Citizens of the Year


John and Elizabeth Stahr

Citizens of the Year


Walter and Masami Stahr

Author and teacher

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