Letter to the Editor: Why We Need to Elect Harley Rouda

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After what feels like an interminable build up to this election, November 6 is right around the corner. I am especially concerned about the 48th Congressional District. If you have not already voted, please vote for Harley Rouda.

I’m supporting Harley Rouda to win the 48th Congressional District over Dana Rohrabacher, because I feel he will bring much needed change to our district.

In the 30 years Dana has been in office, he has accomplished very little. He is a climate change denier. When I wrote to him recently to express my concerns about global warming, he replied saying, “…the changes seen in our climate are well within the bounds of recent natural variability.”

He voted repeatedly to eliminate protections for pre-existing medical conditions; he favors weak or no gun control, and believes that a person selling their home should be entitled to not sell it to someone whose lifestyle they don’t approve of. He has not opposed off-shore drilling—even though he lives within sight of offshore oil platforms.

Dana has done nothing for the county. He travels extensively at taxpayer expense, and it has been very difficult, if not impossible, for his constituents to meet with him. It is time for a change.

I believe Harley Rouda will work across party lines and accomplish things that are beneficial for the 48 District and our country.

Please vote for Harley Rouda for Congress.


Nancy Smith

Newport Beach

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