Letter to the Editor: Duffy and Stoaks Campaign Cards

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Taking a stroll yesterday in Newport Heights, I noticed a few “Duffy” signs around my neighborhood and I couldn’t help but think to myself that some residents just might be voting for their friend and naively for a “Duffy” boat and not for the future of Newport Beach.

Ironically, when I arrived home, I had two different campaign cards latched onto my gate. One was for Tim Stoaks and the other one was for Duffy.

I reviewed both cards. Duffy’s actions listed that he was “Our Homegrown Boat Builder” and that he created a Harbor Department.

Tim Stoaks’s flyer stated that he had been responsible for accomplishments and years of community involvement that included AirFare, Newport Harbor Educational Foundation, Oasis Building Foundation, Santa Ana Heights Fire Station and the Friends of Newport Beach Animal Shelter.

Stoaks actually has a track record of both championing and accomplishing those issues that impact Newport Beach.

Duffy is a legacy and his love for our Harbor is evident, but our City needs a leader that is not only popular for his success in one particular area, but one who actually rolls-up his sleeves and delivers results. In my opinion, Tim Stoaks is the residents’ answer to common sense and transparent government.

Our icon, Marshall Duffield, should serve the community in a capacity that does not continuously create business conflicts.

Most residents agree that Duffy should operate the Harbor Department that he created and allow Tim Stoaks to work as our Newport Beach City Council Representative for District 3.

It is time for the residents to vote for a future leader, not just their pal.


Peggy V. Palmer

Newport Beach

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