Letter to the Editor: Partisanship Politics

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Once again we have seen partisanship rear its ugly head both in D.C. and in Newport. And who has suffered? Both the citizens and our system of government.

Nothing gets accomplished and no problems get solved when we are arguing like politicians. And that’s what they want, especially those who are trying to inject partisanship into our local nonpartisan council race.

This week, Scott Peotter and his surrogates are claiming that he is “more Republican than me.” There is not a Republican or Democratic way to solve the main problems about which people in Newport Beach are concerned, like traffic and over development.

For the record, I’ve been a Republican my entire life, except for a few years when I registered as an Independent. That was decades ago. Like Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan and many of us, I have at times made donations to members of the other party. Like most Americans, I vote for the candidate I feel will do the best job. Sometimes we vote in ways that make us uncomfortable, while holding our noses.

So is Scott Peotter a “better Republican” or, more importantly, a better representative of our community? Before deciding, I encourage you to look at his irresponsible spending proposals. He claims to be a tax fighter but his recent vote on Uptown Newport says otherwise.

I am fiscally conservative both personally and civically. The same cannot be said of Scott.

As a council member, I know that my job will be to represent the entire community and stay focused on local issues. We have a unique city and a lifestyle that you can’t find anywhere else. It takes constant vigilance and real love for our community to maintain this. It takes character and humility to know that your sole job is to represent your constituents.

That’s who I am and who I plan to be as your councilwoman.


Joy Brenner

Newport Beach City Council Candidate District 6

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