Letter to the Editor: Running a Civil Race

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As this election season comes to an end, I would like to thank my opponent’s campaign team for running a civil race. It seems both camps have strived to stick to the issues, with only a few supporters on each side veering away.

By now, the voters know that I have championed public safety, paying down the city’s unfunded pension liabilities, and working aggressively to mitigate the impacts generated by John Wayne Airport.

Still, what will always be a priority for me, regardless of the issues of the day, is that we treat each other with respect and courtesy, and honor each well-intentioned citizen’s contributions to our community.

As a former Orange County Deputy District Attorney, I prosecuted crimes that occurred within the city limits of Newport Beach. Having attended church at Our Lady Queen of Angels for over 12 years, I was involved formally as an elected member of the church council, acting as its council president in my final year, and teaching youth faith formation to CdM students.

My prior public service helped inform the issues that I championed four years ago when Roy and I first ran against each other. And my desire to show courtesy and respect for his public service led me to make the motion to re-appoint Roy to the Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission. The Council sub-committee on appointments did not recommend Roy’s re-appointment, but I brought up his name from the dais, made the motion, and ensured that he could continue to serve our city.

Roy sent an email to me after that meeting, saying: “Hi Kevin I have had a number of people email or call me about your efforts last night on commission appointments. I also plan on watching the meeting online this evening. My sincere thank you for stepping up to make this happen, as I believe it was the right thing to do. As I have stated before I greatly appreciate your friendship and for the wisdom, intelligence, and common sense you are bringing to the Council!”

Residents can understand my surprise, then, when Roy submitted a Letter to the Editor last week taking a slightly different tone.

He claimed “Kevin…has not been involved, as far as I know, in most anything else besides his city council function.”

Roy’s statements were on the heels of one of his supporter’s Letter to the Editor submitted two weeks prior containing a similar sentiment, claiming “Kevin Muldoon has shown little interest in the community…and has not been involved in any public service or volunteerism, other than his stint on Council.”

I take my commitment to our community very seriously, and am beyond honored to have been entrusted to serve our city. The City of Newport Beach is much more than a destination on a map or an incorporated legal entity. For me, the City is the people that inhabit it. The residents, not councils, committees, or political groups, make our community home; I’ve tried to govern with that perspective in mind.

I hope to continue to serve the People of Newport Beach, and humbly ask for your support.


Kevin Muldoon

Newport Beach City Councilman and Former Mayor

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