Letter to the Editor: Running for City Council

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Running for City Council should be compared to being interviewed for a new job; an occupation that should be taken seriously. One would expect that these representatives would have a proven track record and would continue to share these results after four years.

In Newport Beach, every resident can cast their vote across the board for an incumbent or a new candidate in our City.

Together, we hold hands along our coastal gem to make certain that we make a better path for our children, move forward with smart and responsible growth, while maintaining the charm of our town.

Newport Heights and Cliff Haven are very unique areas in which 4,300 children travel to and from three schools: Newport Heights Elementary, Horace Ensign and Newport Harbor. The models of these dynamics are continuously changing with these schools during COVID; but nonetheless, we have an abundance of children, junior guards and families traveling throughout our neighborhoods and yet safety still remains a major issue in our neighborhoods.

In my professional years, if I did not perform in four months, let alone four years, I would have been terminated and replaced by someone who could obtain those desired results.

I have interviewed the new candidate and I will be voting for Nancy Scarbrough for District 2 to represent me in 2020.

As for the incumbent, a nice guy, but you know what they say about nice guys. We must begin to put people before politics.

Peggy V. Palmer / Newport Beach



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