Letter to the Editor: Getting to Know City Council Candidate Noah Blöm

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Running for City Council is no small feat. It takes dedication, commitment and most of all responsibility.

  • A responsibility to your community, should you be lucky enough to be selected by the majority of voters who elected you to office.
  • A responsibility to listen to your community’s concerns on issues that are of paramount importance to them in their daily life.
  • A responsibility to be accountable for the decisions, or lack thereof, that greatly impact the quality of life and safety of the community that you were elected to serve.
  • A responsibility to know when it’s time to bring in the experts and top negotiators to leverage the very best outcome possible for the citizens of Newport Beach, such as the complex issues presented by the JWA airport expansion.
  • As a Councilman, a responsibility to be polite and courteous, even to those constituents who may disagree with you.

After several discussions with City Council candidate Noah Blöm, I have personally found Noah to be attentive, respectful and surprisingly astute to the many challenges and issues currently facing the City of Newport Beach.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, it is clear Noah has a firm grasp on the devastation COVID-19 has had on merchants, restaurants, hospitality and small business owners throughout the City, and he has interesting ideas on how we might address the problems confronting our City going forward.

Noah is not shy when expressing his passion for preserving the character found in our unique villages that make Newport Beach great and how each village can play a critical role in maintaining our distinctive history as a beach community, one that is the envy of the world, and with the right oversight will remain a great destination for residents, businesses and tourists alike.

I believe Noah is his own man, an individual who will listen to and support the overwhelming desires of the community and will not take this responsibility lightly. In every encounter I have had with Noah he has been respectful, passionate and optimistic on all fronts.

Most of all, I was pleased to receive Noah’s commitment to work toward keeping Marine Avenue quaint, charming and true to its historical roots, commenting that he will address any necessary infrastructure needs in a transparent and responsible manner.

This is an important issue to many — valuing the unique character of our cherished village while taking into account the impact that significant change could have on the merchants and residents of Balboa Island.

Ideally, I believe, and Noah agrees—it is the responsibility and duty of the City Council to place public service over politics!

Jodi P. Bole / Balboa Island


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  1. I know Noah Blom and you are dead wrong about his intentions. Mr. Blom doesn’t mandate masks, he allows his staff to wear or not wear masks based on their OWN personal beliefs. If you have actually visited his establishment, you will see that many of his staff do in fact wear masks. Mr. Blom is a kind and thoughtful business owner that has built many successful businesses with can do and transparent approach, unlike his competitor. I will be voting for Blom this fall.