Letter to the Editor: Sixty Days that Shook Newport

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Consider what has happened in the past 60 days in Newport Beach.

June 26: The city council passes the largest property tax increase in 40 years.  Taxes of up to $4,500 per year will be assessed against the new owners in Uptown Newport to pay for developer promised public improvements. At the same meeting, the council approves a sham ballot measure so as to look like they oppose taxes and to have a vehicle to evade the campaign spending limits.

July 9: One of their supporters, Bob Rush, files fake opposition arguments to confuse voters.

July 27: The name of Supervisor Shawn Nelson leaks out as the choice of three yet unnamed council members to be city manager. Nelson is a politician with no city management experience.
July 30: Fifty residents attend a special city council meeting chanting “Vote Them Out!” and forcing the council to abandon Nelson.

August 1: Scott Peotter announces his reelection bid by taking credit for the pension pay down he actually voted against twice.

August 14: Grace Leong, a truly experienced city manager, is named, as Nelson is no longer “viable.”

August 17: Stu News Editor Tom Johnson writes “His behavior is simply continually unacceptable…We as a community should be fed up with Peotter’s behavior…It’s absolutely unacceptable” in response to the disclosure of an e mail showing Peotter abusing, threatening and using condescending language in dealing with city staff.

August 20: Susan Skinner sends a letter to the city attorney requesting an opinion on the conflict of interest implications of the fact that Peotter is actually working for and being compensated by Duffy Duffield.

August 31: Dave Kiff will leave the city after being forced out by Duffy Duffield, Scott Peotter and their allies on the city council.

Haven’t we had enough? Vote for Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks to restore ethics, transparency and normalcy to our city.


Keith Curry

Former Mayor of Newport Beach

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